Weapon of Choice

Day 9 – Quickly jot down four verbs, four adjectives and four nouns. Write a poem using all 12 words.


verbs – sing, dance, paint, laugh
adjectives – excited, sad, creative, pathetic
nouns – love, satisfaction, beauty, terror


my dancing is pathetic
my singing is quite sad…
but what gets me excited
is a paintbrush in my hand.


i may not be the most creative
and what i love to do
would make you laugh out loud
and shout, ‘i am an artist, too!’


it gives me satisfaction –
the flawed beauty i create,
it shoos away the terror
(all the monsters that i hate).


it battles my anxiety and
fights depression till the end;
watercolours even chase
that OCD around the bend.

so when you’re feeling overwhelmed,
and self-doubt is creeping in,
my advice would be to just
pick up your paintbrush with a grin.


2 thoughts on “Weapon of Choice

  1. This was written so beautifully.My most favorite for the day.
    Wow this was really really good. i liked the idea and the wording was perfect. there isnt anything i’d change about this! the detailing! 5/5. the flow. 5/5. overall 5/5. excellent work:)
    btw the rhyme wasnt forced at all which is so impressive 🙂
    I’ll be glad if you could check out some of my works too


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