Day 11

Write a list poem.

This can’t even be called a poem, but it’s dedicated to Meena. ❤  Thanks for all the advice and for being my shoulder to (not) cry on. 

One day my roommate sat me down

(she wore a rather disapproving frown).

“You know,” she said, “I can’t keep track

of all the boys you’re bringing back!

The first one was a crazy stalker

(if he comes back I’ll kill the f!&#%r)

The next was clearly a sign

never to date someone online.

The third (at least he went outside)

only had football on his mind.

But of course you had to go and cheat

(though I don’t blame you, four was sweet). 

Five was two (DON’T DATE YOUR EXES),

Isabel, you really do perplex us! 

Six lasted a whole 24 hours

(long enough, we thank the stars)

Seven was quite unrequited

(but rarely is your love life blighted).

Is that all of them?” she finally asked,

“Are those all the boyfriends you’ve amassed?” 

I laughed and told her,

“Well, there’s one more…”



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