Day 16 – respond to the poem you posted yesterday with a poem of your own.

This is written in response to the poem ‘Brother’ by Sarah Kay. 

“Sister,” you told me, even though you were only three and couldn’t yet tie your shoelaces because they got tangled up just like your thoughts. “Sister, I remember when you were small and I was big,” you said. “You used to look up at me and hold my hand when we went downstairs to play with the other kids.” You talk of past lives and different dimensions like they’re facts and you make me doubt reality. I always wonder where you came from, you know, because I see myself in everything you do. You point at my baby photographs and insist that it’s you! Nobody can disagree, because honestly, you’re a carbon copy of the three-year-old I used to be, and you reached for the paints before words, because you know (just like I did,) that art is the only window to the soul. So even though they say we’re half siblings (as though it’s less than family,) what I can see is that one half is you and the other half is me.


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