Maruti 800

​Day 22- What is the first car you bought/drove/remember? Write a poem about it.


The first car that I remember

Is the first car that anybody (in India,)

Who calls themselves a “90s kid” remembers.

But they let go, while we hung on to the time…

When music was stored on cassettes

(And now we’re saying goodbye to MP3,)

Ten rupees was enough pocket money to have a blast

(Today 50 rupees is what you use to wipe your arse)

And people thought you were crazy if you tried to touch a screen

(We preferred playing outside instead of frying our brains in front of the TV)

The world was just so much more fun

Than the junkyard of consumerism that it’s become.

(But the best part is… Now that I’m eighteen, I get to drive this ancient time-machine)


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